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Step 1: Select the library with desired models
All models of the selected library are listed in the listbox and the graphical preview.

Step 2: Select the desired model
The desired model will be selected by the listbox (left) or the graphical preview (right) The selected model will be shown in the graphical picture too.

Step 3: Data input of the desired model
Clicking at the relevant icon will call the data input window. This window allows data input for geometric parameters very easy and clear. The PROGEO plus data input window is split to five areas: In the upper row a pull-down menu, followed by a field with model title. Next box displays the structure of the current model. Click to a row to activate the input window of this solid. In the center of the screen you will find one or more edit/input windows, one for each solid of the model plus one global parameter window. The button "Print" allows a print-out of the geometric data. With OK the data are accepted.

Step 4: Check the graphical 3D-view/development
Clicking the relevant icon will call the graphical modul for 3D view and development.

In the PROGEO plus graphic you can check the model after data input immediatly. Furthermore there are some useful functions included, as rotate, zoom, or pan.

Step 5: Generating the DXF-file
For generating the DXF-file you only need to click the relevant icon. At this moment PROGEO plus generats a DXF-file from the development and the 3D model. The DXF-file can be transferred to a CAD or NC system.

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