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  1. What is PROGEO plus?
    PROGEO plus is the sheet design software for every manufacturer of HVAC and folded sheet metal parts and for designers of geometrical penetrations from sheet metal. More..

  2. PROGEO plus user interface
    With the visual desktop PROGEO plus enables quick and practice operating. More..

  3. PROGEO plus database
    The integrated database allowes directly access to all existing libraries. More..

  4. Working with libraries
    If you decide to use one of the libraries, you attain in few steps from problem to solution. For example an exemplary workflow PROGEO plus. More..
  1. Graphical Modeler (tool)
    Another modul from PROGEO plus is the Graphical Modeler to create your own models. More..

  2. Creating a new model with the Graphical Modeler
    Creating new model with the Graphical Modeler is easy, only by selecting geometry types. More..

  3. Adding properties with the Graphical Modeler
    Definite properties can be added to the created model, e.g. inclination, shifting. More..

  4. Creating a connected solid with the Graphical Modeler
    By selecting the "New Connected Solid" icon you can connect the main solid with a sub solid. Further you can connect the sub solid with another sub solid. More..

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