Example for DXF input

Individual geometry patterns available to PROGEO plus!

The PROGEO plus innovative power results of course by the ability to combine nearly anything with anything. Users can select from a lot of geometrical types to define millions of different complex models and each of them can be either the basic solid or a riding sub geometry. And each part of a structure can be defined with own properties (for example with different sheet thickness). A great capacity - but not enough for the team of UBECO. A new functionality should allow to use individual, user defined geometries for modeling inside of PROGEO plus. We can now proudly announce the new interface for import of DXF geometries - the enhancement that breaks all limitations and give PROGEO plus users full access for individual design.

An example with 4 steps will demonstrate the quick and easy DXF import interface of PROGEO plus. The shown polygon was created by CAD drawing. Points 1 - 7 are the steps of defining the polyline. Inner angles of the polygon are displayed for information purposes. The first line (step 1 to 2) will define the start angle of the geometry.

Use a CAD command like DXFOUT to save the contour in DXF format, which can be inserted to PROGEO plus. To create a new model you can use the polygon as upper and lower contour (mixing with other contours is also possible). Inside of the PROGEO plus modeler you can select the DXF-File with preview option - open the file and the new geometry is used for defining the model geometry. Finally the new pattern is added to the user model database library. A 3D view or the unfolding are now available by key press. Of course you can mix such polygon patterns with other geometries, by example a long-round with riding polygon.

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